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Another day, another dollar

I saw Charles when I was taking a walk yesterday talking to Ariana. I'm so jealous of her. She's got everything. I wish I could be so lucky.

I called Jasmine DuPree tonight and scheduled an appointment with her for Friday. I just have so much I want to find out about my future and what's going to happen to me. I wish my sister would go see her too. Maybe Jasmine could help her find her lost past somehow.

I also hired a few people to help with inventory. We've gotta get ready for the Christmas rush. My only Christmas wish would be to be with the only man i've ever loved. Charles *deep sigh* Trinity you need to stop this!

Oh and I seen Ariana's daughter Cassandra in a rather provacting outfit. How she can let her daughter dress like that is beyond me!

Well I need to get going and make a few phone calls to a few vendors.

Till next time,

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