Jadie (imsojaded) wrote in hiddendesires,

My latest "town"

Wow. Welcome to Richmond.

Another Town, another few weeks, more emptiness. So this town isn't so bad. But it's just the same as all the others. The same crowd of people everywhere I go, the same empty friendships, the same cutie guys who want nothing but my fame. *sigh*

Today I went to the TV station and met my new bosses. They seem alright. I met the cast for the show, and they seem like nice people, but we're kind of stand offish around me. I hate it when people are like that. Well....maybe thats my fault. I dunno. My "Love Intrest" is pretty cute anyways, heh!

I drove around town today to scope things out. There is a really cute little shop down town, this girl named trinity runs it, shes pretty nice. I stopped in and picked up a few things for my new apartment. I liked the fact that she wasn't "star struck." I dunno, its just that most people arent genuinly nice to me now a days. Maybe I should move to a far away country where no body knows who I am! Oh well...anyways... I also found some cute lil' resturants, and a pshycic. Wow. Cool! Maybe I'll have to stop there. It's a nice town I guess. I sure do miss everyone back home though. Thats what I always say though. How come I can never make friends in a new town? Jesus Christ, will I be this alone forever? Does fame cost this much? Sometimes I think I would give it all back....

Oh well. Anyways, I should be getting to bed. As of now I really need some of that beauty sleep. Hmmm. Well, we will just have to see how this town works out. Hopefully better than that last is all I can say. Who knows what lies ahead...hopefully something good. Maybe a guy!? *sigh* Well hopefully a guy. Heh. Well Ok, I should really be getting some sleep....Until Tomorrow! :)

~HollyWood Kisses!~
Chasity Love Delany
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