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Something's wrong with my ear..

Okay, yesterday I went climbing on that slippery hill and I found out that...

*That psychic woman's name was actually Jasmine DuPree not Jamie.

*Teddy's new show was supposed to be "Love, Lust and Deceit" instead of "Love, Lust and Deceive"

What's happening? I'm so worried. I went over to Dr. Malcom's clicic and it costs me $25 just to check my "something-wronged-ear" and found out that there's a lot of wax in there and it costs me another $25 to get rid of those waxs. Yuck.

Oh! I can't forget this. Jasmine says I'll win another goldmine!!! I'm gonna buy another pair of diamond earrings I saw at the Shop Of Gold yeaterday on my way back from Jasmine's house. And, yes. I'm a very good predictor. Teddy is up to something but she won't tell me what. Jasmine also said that if I want to know what he's up to I'll have to come again next week. That will cost me another $10. Cheap. No problem.

Charles can't stop being nice to me. He din't realise that I'm not interested in him! Isn't that nice...

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