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my mystically-purple telephone rang monotonous repeatings, with a young lady on the line, namely trinity. i liked her voice: sounded forlorn decent.

decent + full of hope + a slight sense of neediness.

she'll be coming this friday.

before trinity, there was richmond's posh 'femme fatale', rich + famed, beauty + attractive peroxide blonde ariana lucas. stepped on my wooden, wrecked porch with black leather boots + tapping her 4 inch heels obscenely + rapping her painted fingernails on my door + pouting sluttishly and...

"jamie? dupree?" croaked her, with sapphire irises staring me with highly estimated arrogance.
"jasmine dupree"
"yes, whatever...i'm.."
"ariana lucas"
"yes..." she seemed overwhelmed. it weren't those delicate, psychic 'waves' nor a guess. she's so glam- even a hermit like i am have heard + seen her. "aren't you going to let me inside your place?"
i didn't like her tone.
i'm sensitive to sarcastic vocalizations.
"your teddy + his tv maidens. a pot of gold somewhere out there waiting for you," i said metaphorically + closed the creaking door, continuing with a baring-gould writing + trashy women magazines.

i need to take a deep breath of oxygen + a pack of smokes.
i need to end this.
no, this is not a gift.
i need to get a nicely-jotted job.
no intepretations. not being a medium.
i'm drugged out.
trinity will be the last person i'd help.
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