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Taken characters so far.

Here is a list of the characters. Ones that are taken and ones that are open

Ariana Lucas - taken by cutiemuffin
Trinity DeMarco - taken by jaycee
Jasmine DuPree - taken by thebachelorette
Cassandra Lucas - taken by apple
Chasity Love Delany - taken by imsojaded

Ones that aren't taken yet: (if you want a description of them, click here)

Natalie DeMarco
Pamela Fisher

Valerie Mahoney - daughter of Michelle Mahoney, teenage girl that is very shy and wants to be popular more then anything.

Michelle Mahoney - middle thirties woman, works at Mahoney Publishing which was built by her husband that passed away. Has a teenage daughter. She just moved back to Richmond after leaving for a year after her husbands death.

And here are the males that are still open. We need to get some guys for this lol or even chicks that just want to play guys. Whatever lol

Teddy Lucas
Charles Brown
Andrew Matthews
Mark DeNardo

So those of you that are just looking at the community but haven't joined yet, come join and make this a really fun place to be! lol
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