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Welcome! :)

Hi. I'm Jaycee and I made this community b/c I thought itd be fun to have our own fictional soap opera! lol I'm going to list some characters that people can be. All you have to do is either email me @ LiLMaFiaChiCk@aol.com or comment and tell me which character you want to be :)

Cast of Characters (so far):

Ariana Lucas - the bitchy wife of Teddy Lucas, probably middle thirties, cheating on him with Charles Brown (the gardener who is in love w/ her, but shes not in love w/ him b/c shes only obsessed w/ herself and money) taken :)

Trinity DeMarco - Local shop owner, mid twenties who is in love w/ Charles Brown (but he doesnt know it) (that's me! lol)

Jasmine DuPree - Local Psychic, in her mid thirties..she has her own cosmic past that could cause her trouble in the future taken :).

Cassandra Lucas - Daughter of Adriana and Teddy Lucas, 16 years old and causes her own troubles by being sweet innocent daughter by day, holy terror at night..but her parents aren't the wiser. that's taken :)

Natalie DeMarco - Trinity's twin sister who had amnesia and is recovering from it. She doesnt recall anything in her past..maybe some of the mystery men can help her figure it out?

Pamela Fisher - Newcaster at the Lucas Networks on the TV show 'Love, Lust and Deceit - Morals of Richmond'. Early thirties and had an affair with Teddy Lucas. Maybe she'll be reporting one of her own stories?


Teddy Lucas - Husband of Ariana Lucas, owner of the major TV networks in Richmond. Very powerful figure in Richmond who had an affair w/ a broadcaster of one of the TV shows 'Love, Lust and Deceit' Pamela Fisher.

Charles Brown - gardener at the Lucas estate. Late twenties and in love with Ariana Lucas.

Andrew Matthews - Friend of Cassandras who is in love with her but she sees him only as a friend and wants the wilder guys.

Joseph - Wild guy in Cassandras life. Nobody knows who he is, where he's come from..All Andrew knows is he's bad for her. What will happen with this triangle?

Mark DeNardo - Friend of Trinity and Natalie's. Mid twenties.. Works at the shop with Trinity. Maybe he'll bring some insight to Natalie's past?

kay that's all I can think of for now. You can pick from those or make up your own character. Just email me and let me know who you wanna be or comment. This is gonna be really fun as long as everyone get into it. Have fun w/ it! Be your character and talk into the journal like you're speaking from their point of view. Become them.

Can't wait to get started. hehe I think i'll be Trinity DeMarco lol. So that one's taken lol!
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