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(And the drama starts)

Well not much to say today..Worked at the shop basically all day with my sister and kept thinking of Charles. I wonder if he even knows i'm alive. I have to keep my mind off of him and start thinking about my sister. I feel so bad about her not remembering her life. I mean, she just moved back to Richmond after all these years.

One of the gentlemen that came in to buy something seemed kind of fond of her. She really doesn't need a man in her life at the moment, she needs to find out about her past.

Oh Charles, why do I feel so strongly for you? I need to stop this. I need to concentrate on my work. Maybe I should just find someone that can see that I exist. What is my fascination about this man? Maybe I should pay a visit to Jasmine DuPree and see if she can answer some of my questions..

Until next time..

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